MindGrid Technologies Pvt Ltd

Sweeping Changes in the way we live and work present new challenges as well as opportunities!

MINDGRID Technologies was established in 2005 to address these challenges and opportunities and help worldwide clients and partners benefit from the solutions and services.

The extensive knowledge and expertise of MindGrid management team has been instrumental in providing enduring yet affordable solutions based on latest technologies and business practices.

Our singular focus on addressing areas where clients experience maximum Return On Investment has spawned relationship s that are more like long term partners than one time client-vendor.

Over the years we have synthesized our deep understanding of the domains into products that offer end to end solutions based in latest business practices and technologies.

Last but not the least, is our commitment to Quality that permeates every aspect of creating value for our clients deliverables. Our Industry standards based Quality management system ensures the quality assurance in all aspects of our services.

Ethics and fair play are the founding values of MindGrid culture. Our corporate value system is based on the LEARN paradigm and is characterized by Leadership through empowerment, Excellence in delivery, Adaptable to client needs, Respect for client and employee and Nimbleness in responding to changing market needs.

We have been profitable since our inception and have grown organically to a team of over 60 professionals that add up to over 280 person years of relevant experience. We pride ourselves with being able to retain motivated talent pool in an industry which is known for rapid attrition.

Products for your Business
No single approach works for all. We understand that and tailor our basic methodology along with our client's approach, this means that our execution process incorporates the development processes used by clients.
Services Spectrum
Precision and Focus on Quality Deliverables along with customer involvement makes us what we are. We offer a 'single source' for various needs you may have in the area of Information Technology.
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MindGrid Technologies - IT Services, Consulting, System Integration, Outsourcing, QA Testing, e-Learning, Enterprise Solutions