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About EasyLearn

EasyLearn is a web based Learning Management System for small to medium size companies that allows them to quickly and easily meet complex compliance, certification and training requirements. This LMS is a web application designed to present training content and information to users. EasyLearn is intended to deliver training content that will enable learning, while also tracking a student’s progress through the training lifecycle.


In today's competitive, mobile environment, it is a challenge to keep abreast with the latest technology, skills, legalities, and compliance needs. Professional organizations need to ensure that their new employees attend induction training and all the identified basic training. Post-performance appraisals, the employees must fill all the identified gaps by attending assigned training program. All these have to be done, within the tight schedules to fulfill all other needs of the demanding clients. With mobile work force, it becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible; to ensure that the employees attend all pre-scheduled training sessions on time. Again, in educational institutes, it is not possible for every institute to have their best faculty avail-able to all the students at all the locations. Due to limited number of hours in a day, a private tutor can only reach a certain number of students - that too, restricted to their locality.

EasyLearn platform, designed and developed by MindGrid Technologies address such demanding learning needs with ease - whether you are a corporate employer or manage educational institute. Our highly flexible and quickly customizable solution fits the needs of small and big players alike - as long as their requirements are for Learning Management.