Do more with Easy Learn

Enterprise Learning Management

Easy Learn allows you to efficiently manage all the different aspects of education and training by streamlining your management, administration and user experience. Easy Learn enables you to provide consistent employee, sales, customer, partner and channel network training and education all year round for your valued customers.

  • Faster deployments
  • Helps you consistently meet regulation demands
  • Intuitive and improved user experience
  • Built-in advanced reporting feature
  • Can also be deployed on LAN
  • Drives revenue through paid training for customer and distributor channels
  • Manage and deliver knowledge and certification programs
  • Reduce training costs while accelerating time to markets
  • Improved customer satisfaction
Mobile Learning

Offer content and learning services across a wide range smart devices and operating systems.

  • Availability of mixed content for on-the-go learning (videos/SCORM content)
  • Deliver rich media optimized for mobile devices
  • Manage requests and track activities for management and training purposes through the web portal
  • View messages/assignments directly on mobile devices
Content Management and Versioning

Enables you to better manage and deliver customized learning content while cutting down on costs. Versioning capability allows you to keep track of all previous iterations. These multiple versions can even be linked together with automated workflows.

  • SCORM compliant and team based content creation environment
  • Enable content support for popular Flash and Silverlight products
  • Deliver simulations and interactive content
  • Content creation is based on standard SCORM interfaces enabling high interoperability
  • Automatic notification to users for new version releases
  • Time required to duplicate learning activities is reduced
  • Enables HR departments in better management, improve compliance and ensures completion of training